Fray Jorge National Park, Millennial Nature.


The relict forest of Fray Jorge began in the tertiary age, 60 million years ago approximately, at the time that glaciation was moving backwards and the temperatures started to rise, this caused the arrival of sub tropical plant lineages which were extended along the whole Southern Cone.

Due to the constant seismic movements, which caused the rise of the Andes over the 4000 meters above the sea level, a rain shadow was generated and avoided the arrival of humidity and rain from the sub tropical zone. All of this added to glaciations of the Antarctica, and a formation of Humboldt Current, produced an arid diagonal which starts in the north of Peru and finishes near to the Valparaiso Region of Chile. This effect creates the dismemberment of the humid forests, giving rise to a Sclerophyll forest adapted to the lack of rainfall.

2.5 million years ago, the beginning of the lift of the Altos de Talinay appeared, a mountainous relief in the coast which holds the millenary Fray Jorge Forest. A place that provides life at 6000 meters above the sea, due to the humidity that exists by the fog. It used to be called camanchaca in former days.


The Fray Jorge Forest hosts a great variety of endemic and native species, being one of the best places of the Coquimbo Region to observe the flora and fauna, and practice trekking. Epiphyte plants

La Serena / Coquimbo
SCHEDULE De 07:30 a 20:00 hrs.
Transport Feeding
Professional Guide Observation Teams
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8:00 Salida desde La Serena por Ruta 5 hacia el P.N.Fray Jorge





10:00 Recorrido por sala de Interpretación Ambiental de Conaf, Seguimos con una caminata suave por el sector reconociendo especies cactáceas y matorral semi árido. Fotografía, paisajes y observación de aves.





13:00 Almuerzo tipo Box Lunch, (opciones para Vegetarianos) en zona de Merienda





14:30 Subida al Bosque Hidrófilo en la cima del cordón montañoso, sendero interpretativo acerca de especies vegetales endémicas, cambios culturales, geológicos y climáticos. Fotografía, Paisajes.





16:00 Visita a Comunidad Peral Ojo de Agua, recorrido por área protegida administrado por la misma comunidad, conociendo a su gente de cerca, sus historias y su patrimonio natural que han decidido cuidar.






17:30 Onces campestre ofrecida por la comunidad y retorno a La Serena.


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