Antakari Route, Rio Hurtado Valley.

2 Dias - 1 Noche

Only a 24 km of distance from Vicuña to the south, we can visit one of the most unknown valleys of the IV Region of Chile: The Rio Hurtado Valley, through the ancestral Antakari Route, placed between hills and gorges.

A valley in which muleteers can be seen living on these uninhabited places, lands of antique habitants, and the petroglyphs show the special connection that the locals have with nature.


The Rio Hurtado Valley is filled with colors and kind people, landscapes and aromas that will join us to an excursion of two days, walking by old paths of indigenous people, such as diaguita and molle. A valley that keeps a lot of stories and surprises.

Departure From
La Serena / Coquimbo
Duration 2 dias / 1 noche.
Acomodations Complete feed
Transportation Specialized guide
Not Included
Extra Food




Day 1: La Serena – San Pedro de Pichasca

8:00 Leaving from La Serena heading towards Samo Alto, in Rio Hurtado Valley.

9:15 Visit to Recoleta Dam, Birdwatching and Photography.

9:45 Visit to “Las Tinajas”, an archeological complex. Interpretative trekking, (duration: 1 hour).

10:45 3 hours trekking by old paths used by breeders, and the first habitants of the Valley

13:00 Reception at a local restaurant, tasting of typical local flavors of Pichasca locality.

15:00 Arrival at the accommodation, free afternoon.

20:00 Dinner at the tourist complex.

21:00 Astronomic tour + cheese tasting, dried fruits and Wine from the Limari Valley.

23:30 End of the day.


Day 2: San pedro de Pichasca – Vicuña

8:30 Country breakfast, fruits and local products.

9:30 Visit to the Pichasca Natural Monument, an interpretative path (2.5 hours duration) to appreciate fossil remains of an old forest that used to be in that place. Also, we will see vestiges of stone tools of 4.000 years ago, made by the first habitants of these lands and a lot of attractions!

13:00 Lunch in a local restaurant

14:00 Visit to Alpaca farm, called “Urania”, we will learn about their breeding and the different uses of their wool, which is highly valued due to its softness and multiple qualities

16:30 Tour for Antakari Rute, from Hurtado to Vicuña (42 km in length), beautiful mountain landscapes, a place where the first pre Hispanic habitants searched for valuable minerals.

19:00 Return to La Serena, through Vicuña.

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